The Wild Manor dog house offers a safe haven where your dog can relax and feel safe.

Correctly and humanely used, the Wild Manor dog house can have many advantages for both you and your dog

Using the Wild Manor dog house

by Geryn Evans

The Wild Manor dog house accommodates your dogs natural instincts

Dogs are den animals and will naturally have a liking for enclosed spaces to rest and sleep. This is in line with the dogs natural instincts whether it be a wild dog or your treasured pooch. Dogs instinctively look for a safe haven where predators cannot easily attack them. These dens could be in a cave, a burrow or any other shelter that would keep them safe and secure. For the modern dog this can be observed where dogs seek shelter under a table, against a wall or behind the sofa!

A safe haven for your dog

The Wild Manor dog house offers a safe haven where your dog can relax and feel safe. Correctly and humanely used, the Wild Manor dog house can have many advantages for both you and your dog including...

  • Your dog can enjoy the privacy and security of a den of their own, to which they can retreat when tired, stressed or not feeling well.
  • Your dog will have a secure familiar bed which can be taken on holiday or a secure place to stay when visiting relatives of friends
  • Can house train your dog quickly by using the confinement to encourage control, establish a regular routine for outdoor elimination, and prevent accidents at night or when your dog is left alone.
  • A dog which is carefully introduced to the dog house usually finds it a pleasant and secure place to be, so it is worth spending some time over the introduction process.

Proper use of the Wild Manor dog house

Under no circumstances should the Wild Manor dog house be used to enclose an unsupervised dog for long periods of time. For example leaving the dog enclosed whilst you are at work. The dog house design does not have a lock on the door and the house is not intended to restrain dogs. Instead the dog house is designed to be a safe haven and a peaceful home for your dog to relax in.

We do not recommend using the Wild Manor dog house for dogs that are prone to chewing e.g. puppies who are teething. In these cases, we recommend starting with a traditional crate and then moving to a Wild Manor dog house when the dog is house trained.

Safe haven not ‘punishment area’

Your dog’s home should be a place where he/she feels secure, safe and comfortable. The dog house must never be used as a punishment or to prevent unwanted behaviours such as destruction of furniture. If you are concerned about your dog or puppy’s behaviour you should contact your vet who will be able to refer you to a clinical animal behaviourist if necessary.

Choosing the right size dog house

The right dimensions of the house will depend on the size of your dog. As a minimum your dog must be able to sit and stand at full height, turn around, stretch out and lie down in a natural position. Please visit our size guide for more information.

Creating a safe haven

The following will help you turn the dog house into a safe haven where your dog can feel secure:

  • Add some comfortable soft bedding for your dog to lie on
  • Place some interesting, safe, chew toys inside
  • Ensure there is nothing blocking the door which may entrap the dog inside
  • Find a location for the crate which is not in direct sunlight or in a draught

Training your dog to use the Wild Manor dog house

If at first your dog is hesitant about entering the dog house, please use these tips...

Get them ready

Before you begin training, always exercise your dog with a long walk to drain excess energy. Additionally, you want to take him/her outside to go to the bathroom, so you don’t have to interrupt your training for a “toilet break.”

Have patience

Unlike with puppies, which don’t have habits they’ve been forming for their entire lives, adult dogs may have spent years without ever entering a dog house. This means they’re probably going to be a lot more resistant to the idea and may fight against it more. Your job is to bear with them and keep trying. Over time and with the right training most adult dogs will come to accept the dog house as their home.

Use treats

Your goal is to make your dog associate the Wild Manor dog hosue with positive feelings, so encourage them to go to the house by putting treats and even food inside. Eventually they will see the house as the place where good things happen and won’t be as fearful.

Make it comfy

Dogs love it when they can find a nice, comfortable place to sit or lie down, so one of the best things you can do is to treat your dog’s home like it’s just another resting place. Place a favorite blanket inside or buy a new one and leave the door open, so they can come and go as they please.