I feel like I was the muse behind the Indoor Dog Home's design. Geryn tells me not the take all the credit, but I do. 

Meet Ralph: Wild Manor’s CEO Cockerpoo

by Ralph

Hi, I’m Ralph.

You might recognise me as the dog that is always posing with Wild Manor products. It’s a hard life being Britain’s Next Top Dog Model, but someone has to do it.

My owner, Geryn, has asked me to tell you a bit about myself but honestly, I would rather be playing with tennis balls or chasing my best friend Nico.

This is Nico:

The majority of the time it is quite fun being a dog, as it involves playing with toys and going on long walks. I enjoy taking Geryn for walks, but I find that sometimes he can be a bit slow, so I try and get him to walk faster by running faster myself. Although, I normally end up falling over my feet which then just slows everything up.

If I had to choose my favourite location for walks, I would choose large green spaces. The grass can be a bit of a nuisance as it tickles my nose but I like the feeling underneath my paws. I also like the beach. There are unlimited possibilities at the beach and I think I am one of those dogs that can really pull off the wet fur look.

For example:

When I’m not having adventures at the beach, I like to sleep in the Indoor Dog Home. As CEO for Wild Manor I get to try out the different homes, but this one is the best as I feel like I was the muse behind the design. Geryn tells me not the take all the credit, but I do.

If you want to know more about the products from Wild Manor I can tell you all about them. Geryn asks me to test them out and I always tell him if they are good or not. I sometimes pretend I’m Simon Cowell on the X Factor.

Recently I tried out the Wine Barrel Kennel when it was raining outside, but it felt like a hindrance because I love playing in the rain. The next day it was really sunny so I tried out the kennel again.  That made me like it more, as it meant that my fur didn’t get too hot. Models need to look after themselves after all.

Anyway, I hope I get some extra chicken for talking to you. Geryn said that if I have my own blog he will give me lots of chicken. He understands a good bribe and I appreciate that. Maybe next time I’ll tell you all reasons why I love chicken.

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