Now, when Geryn said that he had something special for me I thought he meant a whole roast chicken, but he actually meant a brand new dog bed!

5 reasons why Wild Manor’s new dog bed is pawfect!

by Ralph

Hi it’s Ralph, again.

Apologies that it’s been a while but I have been rushed off my paws. I have been keeping Geryn very busy as I’ve wanted to see lots of new products at Wild Manor. Luckily, Geryn has delivered the goods (otherwise I would’ve had to bark at him a lot) and he has revealed a new innovative dog bed range.

Now, when Geryn said that he had something special for me I thought he meant a whole roast chicken, but he actually meant a brand new dog bed!

I played it cool at first, I mean, Wild Manor already has some pretty exceptional indoor and outdoor dog homes (if I do say so myself), so could this dog bed be just as good?

Luckily I can tell you, because Geryn left the prototype with me for a few days! So, I decided to give this new dog bed a rigorous test so that I could give you some honest feedback. This involved sleeping, sitting and posing on the dog bed. Like I said, it was a rigorous testing process.

After all that work I needed a lie down, so after a quick nap on the dog bed I was ready to tell Geryn my feedback.

Spoiler alert. I loved it!

Here’s why:

1. I look good sitting on it

The dog bed comes in a range of stylish designs and they have matching accessories for dogs and humans. As you know, a popular dog model has to look good at all times and this includes sleeping. On regular dog beds I can look a bit boring but on this dog bed I felt special and it managed to look good next to Geryn’s choice of soft furnishings.

2. It keeps me cool

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I’m a hot dog. In my old dog bed I would always get really hot but I noticed that in this one I stayed cool. Geryn told me that it’s because of the cool memory foam and that the fabric has improved breathability.

3. I don’t wake up with sore joints

I’m still quite young but I need to look after myself and in my old dog bed I noticed my joints were getting sore. I was starting to worry but after a night’s sleep in this dog bed I was back to my normal self. I woke feeling refreshed and not in any pain! That’s also thanks to the clever memory foam (so Geryn tells me)!

4. The dog bed doesn’t attract unwanted attention

Have you ever been in bed and attracted unwanted attention? Well, in traditional dog beds they can attract dust mites and in this new dog bed it repels bacteria to prevent the mites. It sounded very technical when Geryn described the nano-coating technology within the dog bed and if I’m honest I stopped listening and started daydreaming about chicken.

5. The bed repels nasty smells

Okay, sometimes I smell bad. I put it down to my love of long walks and my dislike of baths, but this dog bed helps to prevent nasty smells. The bed repels water and stains which means that it stays clean for longer and odour-free. Result!

So, all in all this dog bed is pretty marvellous and I can’t wait for it to be a permanent fixture in my home. Maybe I can persuade Geryn to get me one in every colour?

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