"If you’ve been considering investing in a new dog bed, then there are a number of things you should consider before you part with your money."

5 Decisions To Make Before You Buy A New Dog Bed

by Geryn Evans

There's lots to consider before you buy a new dog bed

If you’ve been considering investing in a new dog bed, then there are a number of things you should consider before you part with your money. There are a multitude of styles on the market, but there are some common considerations amongst all the different types.

1. Where will your dog bed live?

Decide which area of the house you will be placing your dog bed. Does your dog sleep near the front door or in the living room? Try to match your dog bed with the décor of that area and it will look in keeping with your home. If you find your current dog bed unattractive then you may be inclined to hide it when guests arrive (slightly unfair on your four-legged friend!). If your dog sleeps equally in a few favourite spots then you might need an easily portable bed or more than one dog bed.

2. Choose a dog bed with a good cover

You definitely need to be picky about choosing a dog bed with a good cover. The cover should be durable and washable. The best covers are also removable. If you are considering buying a cover that is not removable then you should also expect to steam clean or dry clean your entire dog bed several times a year to keep it clean.

3. Pick a shape that works for your dog

Dog beds come in a number of different shapes. There are nest beds, pillow beds, memory foam beds and dog lounger beds. Nest dog beds are also good for colder climates since your dog can snuggle down inside the bed. A conventional dog lounger bed might be the right choice if your dog stretches out when he sleeps. Dogs with sore joints or mobility problems sleep better on memory foam.

4. Determine the filling type

Cheap dog beds tend to be stuffed with bad quality foam. As a dog owner you need to decide how often you want to replace your dog bed? Really inexpensive dog beds can flatten out and get hard or the stuffing might shift to the outer edge leaving no foam where your dog actually sleeps. This defeats the purpose of your dog bed. If your dog is arthritic, you may consider the possibility of an orthopedic dog bed. Orthopedic memory foam dog beds provide a great deal of comfort to sore, arthritic dogs.

5. Get the right size

It is crucial to buy the right sized dog bed. If your bed is too small then your dog will not be inclined to use it and you will have wasted your money. Measure you dog in a number of different sleeping positions. Get a dog bed that is slightly larger than the various measurements and you should select a bed that is comfortable and roomy enough for your dog to rest comfortably.


Be sure to make an informed decision when choosing a dog bed. Quality is key to choosing a dog bed that functions for you and your dog. If you are looking for the perfect dog bed, browse the range of designer dog lounger beds and dog pillow beds from Wild Manor. After all, when your dog gets a good night sleep, you do too!