"Dogs that haven’t had a bed before may not understand the concept initially."

How To Introduce Your Dog To A New Dog Bed

by Geryn Evans

Making the transition from one dog bed to another seems like a simple exercise – simply place the new dog bed where the old one just to reside, and hey presto! But what if your dog has other ideas?

You may find that you need to deploy a bit of encouragement when it comes to coaxing them to curl up. Dogs that haven’t had a bed before may not understand the concept initially. Here are Wild Manor’s top tips on how to make the process as easy as possible:

Make the new dog bed smell familiar

There are two ways you can add a comforting smell to the fabric of the new dog bed. Either rub your hands over the new dog bed, or place an old piece of clothing over it for a few nights so that your scent is the first thing your dog smells. Similarly, one of your dogs’ old blankets will also help him understand that new dog bed is in fact a place for him.

Make the new dog bed a nice place to be!

Any chance you get to reward and praise your dog for spending time on his new bed, do so!

Real-leather-dog-pillow-bed-montana | Wild Manor Dog-pillow-bed | Wild Manor

Place the dog bed in a familiar location

Even if you want the dog bed to reside in a different part of the house, initially place your new dog bed in a familiar spot, so you can get you dog used to seeing and using the bed.

Be patient

Once your dog is comfortable with his new dogs bed and understands that the new dog bed is for them, they will be comfortable using it and more than likely, use it all the time!

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