5 Reasons To Buy A Leather Dog Bed

by Geryn Evans

Many pet owners think of a dog bed as a luxury for their furry friend – but a good dog bed is so much more than that! Dog beds provide your pets with security, warmth and support the same way your bed does for you, and offer many benefits for their well-being and health.

One of the most important things a dog owner should do for their dog is investing in a quality dog bed. Leather dog beds offer many benefits such as being made from high-quality material and the capacity to last a lifetime.

Here are just a number of the benefits of choosing a leather dog bed for both your dog and yourself:

1. Durability

Amongst the key benefits of opting for leather furniture – be it for dogs or for humans – is the durability of the material. Leather dog beds, if made of quality leather, can very well last you a lifetime. They are built to keep their great look over the years, maintaining their shape and style and withstanding the attacks of your dog’s claws and teeth. Our comfy real leather pillow beds are made from ethically sourced buffalo leather and filled with UK-made poly fibre fill stitched in 2 channels to retain shape and luxurious appearance.

2. Hygiene

Genuine leather dog beds are also so much easier to keep clean than your average dog bed. Most dog beds require a lot of effort to stay clean and smelling nice, and there isn’t much that can be done to keep dog fur from sticking everywhere. Leather, on the other hand, is impermeable to dog odour, and our leather pillow beds’ covers are machine washable (with castille soap) and easy to clean – the fabric is made to withstand a minimum of 20,000 rub cycles, ensuring you wouldn’t need to replace the dog bed for many years.

3. Health

Having a leather dog bed is not only better for you dog’s hygiene, but also for his wellbeing – a quality bed supports your dog’s spine and limbs, and helps him maintain his comfortable body temperature. Having a place to curl up which is warm and supportive gives your dogs a great chance at a good night’s sleep!

4. Style

Just as is the case with furniture for humans, nothing says stylish and modern quite like quality leather seating. With a classic timeless design and slick shape with will last for years to come, a leather dog bed makes for a great addition to your living room décor – so you needn’t worry that getting a dog bed would ruin the look of your home. Lounging in a beautiful leather dog bed next to your leather sofa, your dog will feel comfortable and classy! And, as with any high-quality leather, it gets nicer the more it’s used and taken care of.

5. Ownership

Having a leather dog bed is a great way of giving your dog something of his own, and therefore a sense of ownership. Aside from the purely physical benefits of having your dog sleep on his own supportive bed, this also has a number of psychological advantages – getting good quality sleep in a bed that is his own makes your dog happier, and has proven to solve behavioural problems like aggression, barking and separation anxiety.

5 reasons to buy a leather dog bed

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