Having a dedicated sleeping space has a number of benefits including giving the dog a sense of ownership, as well as making sure his comfort is taken care of properly.

Where Should My Dog Sleep?

by Geryn Evans

Where your dog sleeps and where he should sleep

As probably every dog owner knows, no two dogs are the same – so naturally, there’s no universal right answer to where your dog should sleep. Indeed, the sleeping arrangements of your furry friend depend largely on the individual dog-owner duo.

In most cases, upon welcoming a dog into their home, pet owners would start out with making sure their new friend has a dog bed to lounge on at their leisure – having a dedicated sleeping space has a number of benefits including giving the dog a sense of ownership, as well as making sure his comfort is taken care of properly.

Dogs love to sleep!

More often than not, even if your dog absolutely loves his dog bed, they would still end up sleeping on your bed, or on the hard floor. A lot of this switching of places is due to the fact that while dog beds are made with cosiness in mind, sometimes your companion is looking for a different type of comfort – be it a place to cool down, or the warmest place in the house (e.g. in the sunshine, near the heater). To make sure your dog is comfortable on his bed in all sorts of weather, make sure you choose a dog bed made of the right materials to help keep your friend at a comfortable body temperature.

What’s more, sometimes shifting between sleeping in their dog bed and pretty much anywhere else where it’s comfy has a lot to do with their basic pack instincts – whether it’s up high where they have a good vantage point of the goings-on in the household, or your sofa/chair/bed as a superior seating of sorts which helps them assert their status.

A good way to ensure your dog feels involved as an equal member of the household without climbing all over the furniture is investing in a luxury dog bed which truly feels like a seat of honour, and placing it near the sofa so he feels included in the family activities.

Don't leave me alone!

Another reason dogs choose the bed of their human over the perfectly comfortable dog bed they have is for the sake of companionship. In fact, dogs sleeping in the same bed with their owners is incredibly common occurrence amongst people with furry friends – however, there are a number of downsides to having your pet sleep with you.

For one thing, if any of the humans occupying the bed are allergic to the dog, allowing him to snuggle up with you for the night is a big no-no, as it can cause serious irritations. What’s more, as much as you and your pet love each other, sharing the same bed is not very practical or hygienic – not only does it mean you are bound to constantly have dog hair on your sheet, but your friend might very well also disrupt your sleep by snoring, being restless or simply taking up too much space.

Instead of inviting your bed to cuddle on the bed itself, try placing his own dog bed next to yours – this way he’s still close by and feels loved during the night, while you can both enjoy plenty of space and a good night’s sleep.

Give them a bed to call their own

While it’s likely that your dog is equally keen to sleep in a dog bed, a human bed or in his miscellaneous favourite spot in the house so long as he has a place to sleep which he can call his own, there are a number of reasons why he should be lounging in a dog bed. All you need to do is ensure that it is comfortable and big enough for your furry friend to stretch out and ‘nest’ in, and place in proximity to the other members of the household so your dog feels involved, and he is guaranteed to be happy.

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