Our furry friends rely on us to provide them with relief from the heat. 

5 dog cooling products to help your dog beat the heat

by Geryn Evans

How to help your pup cool down 

As we find ourselves in the dead of summer, the allure of the sunshine begins to mix in with the exhaustion that the heat inevitably brings. The summer months are even more testing for our furry friends who have to rely on their best friends – us humans – to provide them with relief from the heat. We’ve put together our tried and tested five best ways to help your pet beat the August heat:

1. Cool treats

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that nothing makes a dog as happy as a bunch of treats. So while you are enjoying your own selection of frozen goodies, you can help your dog cool down by treating them to some easy homemade dog treats. Whether it’s a popsicle made with water, peanut butter and a selection of your friend’s favourite fruit, or some frozen meaty treats, your dogs is sure to appreciate the summertime snack.

2. Paddling pool

Another fantastic way to help your pup cool down is by treating them to a home spa experience. Or, in other words, getting them their very own paddling pool. The beauty of this method is that you don’t necessarily need a vast back garden for the poor – it just as easily fits of a small patio or even a balcony, if you live in a flat.

3. Cooling dog bed

Make sure your dog doesn’t lose a minute of sleep this summer by furnishing their favourite chill-our spot with a cooling memory foam dog bed. Our orthopaedic dog bed loungers are a great choice for the hot days of the year, as they are both comfortable and complete with a thick memory foam topper cushion which offers your pet support while they sleep. The blissfully inviting cooling memory foam of these beds are sure to put your furry friend on cloud nine even on the warmest summer days! 

4. Sun cream

Keep your pet from the sun’s harmful UV rays this summer by making sure they are just as fully covered with sun cream as the rest of the family. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can get a sunburn despite the natural protection of their fur, and these burns can not only be very painful but also increase your pup’s risk of cancer. So next time you’re taking your furry friend for a walk, make sure their skin is taken care of by using a suitable (and safe) sun cream on your dog just as you would on yourself before going in the sun.

5. Dig their summer digs

Most dogs love to dig when left to their own devices in the great outdoors. If your pup is one of them, select a shady corner in your garden and cover it with wet sand – this way your pet can scoop out his own digs and kick cool down in the hot hours of the day. Why sand you ask? Not only does it stay cool for a couple of days when wetted, but it is also a whole lot easier to wash off from your dog’s fur than mud or grass.


Invest in keeping your dog cool during the summer heat with a quality dog bed – find the perfect choice for your pet by browsing our range of cooling memory foam dog beds. After all, a cool and well-rested pup is a happy pup!