Depending on the material of the dog bed, the type of fill it has and whether or not it has a removable cover, the washing instructions for your pet’s bedding would vary.

Guide to washing your dog bed

by Geryn Evans

When it comes down to the germs contained in your dog’s bed, the bad news is that your pet is not the only one exposed to them – every time you give your furry friend a quick pat after he’s been lying on his bed or invite him to snuggle up with you on the couch, he’s bringing the dog bed germs along for the ride. The good news is you can easily make sure your dog bed is kept germ free. We’ve assembled a guide to how to properly clean your dog’s bed.

Why you should clean your dog bed?

According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH), domestic animals can carry all sorts of disease-causing life forms such as parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral species. Despite the fact that your pet might not appear ill, infections can be passed on from your pet to yourself and your family any time you come to contact with their faeces, saliva or other bodily dischargers, or sometimes even directly from their fur. Many of these organisms can survive up to 12 months without a host in your home environment, including your dog’s bed.

Quick ways to clean a dog bed

The most sure-fire way to reduce the risk of infections being transmitted to your household if laundering your dog’s bed weekly, the same way you would your own bedding. This time period is, of course, arbitrary and largely depends on how much your pet sheds and the amount of time they spend outdoors/being active. If any of these factors is particularly high, it’s advisable that you reduce the time between launders, making it a twice-a-week chore. As a general rule, the more time passes between washings, the harder it would be for the pathogens to be removed from the bedding in the washing machine.

As an additional measure, you can use a vacuum or rubber gloves to remove hair and dirt from your furry friend’s bed between laundry days, or place a sheet over the dog’s bed to make it easier to wash quickly.

How to wash different types of dog beds?

Depending on the material of the dog bed, the type of fill it has and whether or not it has a removable cover, the washing instructions for your pet’s bedding would vary, so you should always make sure you’re following the instructions for the particular type as shown on the label. For instance, Wild Manor’s dog lounger beds and dog pillow beds have removable covers which are machine washable and easy to clean - the fabric is built to withstand at least 20,000 rub cycles to ensure both your pet and the rest of the household are happy for many years

What should always remain the same, regardless of the type of bed, is the time of washing and water temperature. All of your dog’s bedding, including any cushion covers and blankets which may be part of the lounging space of your furry friend, should be washed at 60° C at the least. If temperature is not gauged on your washing machine, select the highest setting to exterminate as much bacteria and germs as possible.

Provided that the fabric can withstand chlorine bleach, it’s advisable to mix it in with the ordinary washing detergent for optimal disinfection. If you dog’s skin is sensible, select a natural detergent and add an extra rinse cycle to ensure the washed bedding doesn’t cause irritations. When drying the pet’s bed, take care to hang-dry any materials which might clog up your dryer and dry the rest on the highest allowed temperature setting.

As a general rule…

Launder your pet’s bedding at once a week at minimum, perhaps twice if required by its lifestyle or fur type. Regularly vacuum your dog’s bed and the surrounding surfaces to prevent the spreading of germs between washings, and always thoroughly wash your hands with soap after touching your furry friend or his bedding to reduce the risk of infection.

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