I’m not sure which size is right for my dog?

No problem! We love the fact that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of sizes to accommodate the wide range of breeds. You can view our online size guide here.

We aim to delivery all of our products within 2 weeks from the order date. We do try and hold stock of our most popular products so can deliver within 5 days. You will receive a dispatch date shortly after your order has been received.

Hopefully your dog will be as excited as you are about their new Wild Manor dog bed! That said all dogs are different and your dog may be a little hesitant to take on a new dog bed to start with, so here are a few tips to make your dog feel at home on their new dog bed.…

1) Slowly introduce your dog to their new dog bed. Add a piece of your old clothing so that it has your scent on the fabric.

2) Offer your dog treats when they use their new dog bed and offer them general encouragement.

3) Put your dogs favourite toy (or objects) into their new dog bed so they associate it with positive things.

4) Train your dog to associate a word with their bed.

5) Place your new dog bed in your dog's favourite place to start off with, even if you don't intent keeping it there. That way, your dog will naturally feel more comfortable using it.