Kind words from kind friends


“We love partnering with the Wild Manor team; they have a great creative sensibility. Their team is always happy to help and very adaptable, plus they've created a home away from home with their space.”

Mandy Eckford - Managing Director, Fortnight Collective


“People in advertising are great at complaining. Sadly, these guys don't give you much to complain about. Which is my biggest complaint with them. Lennon is always smiling and helpful. Bryce kills every edit. They are consistently great and it's really starting to piss me off.”

Jeremy Seibold - Creative Director, TDA_Boulder


“Not only is the crew some of the best people on this planet, but their tenacious approach to any project big or small is thoughtful, calculated, and full of heart. If this was rocket science, they would have put a base on Mars by now and had complimentary La Croix waiting for us.”

Mel Rhyner - Creative Director, Conagra Brands