We’re a production and editorial house that offers something different. Inspired by the wildness of Colorado and our special space where wild ideas are nurtured into something remarkable, Wild Manor is a creative haven.



We’re dedicated to providing the best experience possible because we believe that great work is made when you’re inspired, at ease, and supported by pros to make your ideas into reality.

From our unique location in Colorado, to every little detail in our office, we have built our space and our team in service of creativity and inspiration at every turn.

We are Women Owned

We are proud members of WBNEC, the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the US, and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

What We Do


The better the filmcraft, the better we can help our partners reach their desired audience. We draw upon our years of experience to deliver just that. With seasoned industry editors, we work closely with our partners to elevate every story to its potential.


Combining finely-tuned eyes for craft and detail along with industry-leading technology and innovation, our VFX artists bring a distinct sense of scrutiny and care to create powerful visual narratives that trigger a genuine connection.


Color can create depth, establish a rhythm, and elevate a transformative story. We work with the world’s top colorists, both in and out-of-house, to enrich narratives and memorable visual experiences through the language of color.

The Team

Lennon Dean Barnica Owner and Executive Producer
Jessica Farmer Lead Editor
Kate Swenson Head of Production
Kaylee Behn Senior Producer
Rebecca Olson Business Manager

our clients